Providing one of the cleanest, most contemporary backdrops I’ve seen in Austin for corporate headshots, Studio 1308 in downtown Austin is where I shoot the vast majority of my commercial photography. NFP has been one of my biggest headshot projects this month, and I’ve done a lot work in the studio trying to make each portrait something a little different. Shooting both traditional-style headshots on a gray backdrop as well as headshots with a more creative, custom feel in the studio hallway provided NFP with both a consistent set of images for their website and an assortment of custom-styled headshots for each executive.


Every headshot portrait shoot I produce includes an online gallery so you can take your time in choosing which out of the dozens (or sometimes hundreds) of images I shoot you like the most. After receiving your choice images, I take each one into PhotoShop for retouching using a hand-crafted technique I’ve developed over nearly a decade in commercial portrait photography. Once the photography is complete, I upload all images in print-resolution and web-resolution formats to my site for download via FTP. In addition, all digital files are backed up online, and you can download them at any time.


Give me a call at 512-814-8451 or visit my page on corporate headshots or the CEO portrait for more information.