Sean at McCraw Design, a phenomenal agency here in Austin with national and global clients, contacted me a few weeks ago about shooting headshots specifically purposed for seamless integration into Lloyd Gosselink’s new corporate website. Having a background in web development and design made it easy for me to understand what exactly how the finished site was going to function, and aided greatly in posing and framing.

Corporate Headshots - Lloyd Gosselink

We shot on-location at Lloy’d Gosselinks’s offices downtown with a mobile headshot setup I’ve built over the years that replicates exactly the type of lighting I use in the studio. Since we needed two background options, we shot using gray paper with a black velvet curtain on a rail system that made changing backgrounds a breeze. With post-production finished, all that’s left to do is drop the images into the new design. Check out their site in the future for all 35 corporate headshots!