Located in downtown Austin, Texas, BEX Runner is a new company with a revolutionary new product in core cooling technology. Worn around the palm like a glove, the device acts as a radiator does in a car. When the body’s blood circulates through one’s extremities, it is cooled and brought back to the core, which is subsequently cooled. The BEX Runner device further facilitates this heat radiation effect by lowering the temperature of the palms via a comfortable neoprene ice pack. The result is a core-cooling effect that allows athletes to perform at a higher level for an extended period of time.

When I first spoke to owners Brett and Anna on Sixth Street one afternoon, I knew it would be an awesome commercial photography project. We planned our shoot around the Ladybird Lake running trail, and screened a few models. I shot the BEX Runner product itself in a lightbox with the help of some ice towers and dry ice with a blue background flash. The in-action shots were done with a system of side-oriented flashes with a little front fill flash to draw back the shadows a bit.




Once the shoot was complete, I went to work designing BEX Runner’s initial media kit. This entire initial phase of their visual ad campaign was completed within a couple weeks, and received terrific feedback. All in all, it was a blast to work on, and we’re in the process of planning out our next shoot.