When it comes to photography, there are few things I’m more passionate about! Over my career, I have professionally photographed everything from automotive parts to CEOs of hospitals and large corporations. Every time I do a shoot, no matter how big or small, I apply the time and tenacity to make it my best work yet!

I’m now located in South Austin and have been shooting commercial, portrait and architectural photography for over ten years. In the past I have applied my photography skills as a website designer, print designer and videographer. Regardless of the medium, I am skilled in shooting with the end publication, product, service or personality in mind.

I’m originally from South Texas where I began my career in photography as a graphic designer, and eventually the director of photography for a creative organization. Justin Wallace photography was established in 2007, and I’ve been shooting full-time ever since.

Improvement is my biggest driving force in photography as in everything I enjoy. I’m an avid weight lifter, mountain biker, rock climber, scuba diver and amateur motorcycle builder. There’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing a new pursuit exceeding the last. That’s why, no matter how incremental, I always try new variants of my processes and am always experimenting with new methods and a lot of good old-fashioned homemade equipment!