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Architectural photography requires attention to detail, not only from a photographic aspect, but in ensuring that any scene or interior space is clean, prepared, and finished in every way prior to photography. Having shot interior and exterior photography for hospitals, interior design agencies, builders and magazines across Austin and San Antonio, I make certain to visually relay only the most clean, professional and sophisticated look for any office, building or interior architectural design.

Using a combination of multi-flash photography techniques and natural lighting, I create a natural-feeling balance between interior and exterior light levels.

This ensures a bright, vibrant final product while avoiding the unnatural, more common HDR photography effect. Additionally, In an effort to stay away from distorting fisheye-effect interior photography, I use a combination of tilt-shift lenses and/or digital modification to ensure all vertical lines are vertical, and all horizontal lines are horizontal.

I’ve been shooting for several years here in Austin and have over ten years of combined agency and solo experience shooting interior and exterior architectural photography. My background allows me to shoot with design in mind, allowing space for copy and structuring shots for their intended use.


  • Unique perspectives 30 feet up
  • Royalty-free usage rights for
    architectural photography
  • Supplemental strobe lighting
  • Fast online image review/selection

“Justin is a methodical artist! He has shot many of our projects in Austin and the results are fantastic! He is professional, easy to work with, super creative, always delivers on time and is a joy to work with. He has impressed us so much that our clients have hired him as well.” 

Bethany Meister, RID Studio Innerspace Austin, TX

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